We love to realize projects that satisfy us, even before our customers, and our working group is a serene and informal ecosystem.


How we work

We are inspired by the Agile methodology, practicing continuous communication between us and with our customers. Not only because we consider it more effective, but because we value human relationships, which are the basis of our work. Each new project is entrusted to a project manager, who takes care of the contact and support to the client. We firmly believe that the direct contact between customer and creative is an added value for our style and working method, which avoids unnecessary filters and consequent waste of time and money for all.  

Everything under control

For each project/client we create a dedicated channel on our internal communication tool and divide each project into tasks, which we entrust to the team members according to their specific skills and planning. Every week we plan a moment of sharing on ongoing projects, to plan activities and take stock of the situation. Every day we live short "stand up meetings" (preferably in front of a steaming cup of tea) to have everything under control. We trace the hours we dedicate to technical work on a shared tool, which allows us to report with precision on all the work performed.

Each project is unique, Each solution is unique

We do not offer packages or standard prices, each offer is tailored to the specific characteristics of the customer and the project. We also believe that creativity cannot be calculated in hours or days, but must be proportionate to the commercial value of the project.

Free and organized

We only use open source CMS for website development. This allows the customer, in case of need, to abandon the contract and to be able to entrust the project to others without technological constraints of any kind. Every creative work produced is, by contract,  property of the customer. For the same reason we provide credentials from the administrators of each account that we create, on behalf of the customer, on the different social and management platforms.

Near and far and always connected

Our headquarters is the office at Villa Bombrini in Genoa, but we often work remotely, both among ourselves and with other professionals. We perceive this as a resource. Working in different places, with flexible working hours, allows us to really make the most of the time we devote to work and to expand our knowledge and experience.

Hungry eyes and open mind

Constant updating is essential for us, because our industry is evolving faster and faster. We are hungry for images. We believe that creativity is also boosted through moments of research in other fields (cinema, art, architecture, nature...). Each of us shares his research with the team, and we consider these moments as real training.

We build our professionalism on mutual trust.

Trust that we feel as a value to be built day by day in the only possible way: honesty, kindness and respect towards customers, collaborators and suppliers with whom we deal every day.

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