We deal with visual communication and in particular with graphics and web design. We also provide consultancy on web marketing activities.

Graphic Design

Graphic design

We work in various disciplines of communication, and as designers we also include skills in the field of photography and typography. We can manage complex projects that cover different areas, such as packaging and web design, or we can dedicate ourselves to the design of a single activity such as the design and layout of a brochure or the interface of a mobile App. We often take care of all phases of printing, advising you on the most suitable style and support to make you recognize also offline. Our goal is always to communicate a message in the simplest and most effective way through text and images.    
Brand Design

Brand design and Corporate Identity

Brand design: create the visual identity of a brand. Tell about the personality and unique features of a brand and present them in the most effective way. Brand design and corporate identity are the keys to the definition of the communication project, which will allow the brand to be known and recognized by the public. We take care of totally designing, or refreshing, the image of companies, organizations, associations and any other commercial, social or conceptual entity. Starting from the design of the logo we can study and create all the products necessary for the declination of identity on different supports (Style Guide).
UI & UX Design

UX and UI design

UX stands for User eXperience, while UI stands for User Interface. An engaging and fluid UX leads the user towards a precise marketing goal and can only be achieved if the UI is designed for it. We work with the customer to determine the best way to build an effective UX and accordingly we design the interface to ensure this experience. An effective User Interface transposes the marketing strategy into layouts, adding visual and/or multi-sensory communication aspects.
UI & UX Design


We create simple and complex websites, starting from the design, based on the real contents of the project. We put a lot of emphasis on the design of the navigation tree and the wireframe, this allows us to verify the navigation flows and usability for the end user. We study the graphics so that they are consistent with the customer's entire communication strategy, including offline communication. We create ad hoc templates for WordPress and also provide advice on other CMS such as Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal and Magento.  
Web Marketing

Web marketing, SEO and Social

We provide consultancy on specific web marketing activities. We always start with an analysis to provide clear direction to reach your objectives. This allow us to plan a specific marketing strategy. In particular, we can provide analyses and SEO projects, even on existing sites, and we can take care of the management of specific marketing activities, Adwords campaigns included. We love social networks and provide advice on social media management. Together with the customer, we can structure specific activities on Social, from Facebook to Instagram and without forgetting YouTube and provide advice on advertisements and campaigns. Our customers stay up to date with our work and the achieved results thanks to monthly report.
Creative Direction

Creative direction

Thanks to the network of collaborators built up over the years, and the opportunities offered by the PACC - Polo Aziende Creative Cornigliano, (of which we are part), we are able to take care of the creative direction of complex projects that embrace the world of photography and audio-video. Moreover Villa Bombrini, thanks to the coordination of Genoa Liguria FIlm Commission, offers prestigious locations for the realization of photo shootings, audiovisual productions and for the organization of meetings and events. In partnership with Dot Next snc we develop complex digital projects such as Apps, Management and Software for which we study the design of user interfaces and take care of the creative part of the promotion.

Strategy first of all

All our projects are structured to implement a precise marketing strategy shared with our customers, which allows us to work on the most effective creativity.

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