Elisa Maffei

Web Marketing Specialist | SEO

I was born in Genoa on September 13th. 13th is my lucky number! 😉
Back in 1999 I discovered the World Wide Web and its endless potentiality: I searched for James Van Der Beek images on Lycos and wow! There were SO many!
Soon after I’ve built my first website: it was called Saiyan Galaxy and it was all about Dragon Ball.
In 2003, just after my sixteen birthday, I’ve become moderator of the Italian t.A.T.u forum, which had more than 3000 users. I consider this my first experience as a Community Manager.

My passion for the internet became a job thanks to a marketing course organized in 2011 by the province of Genoa.
To me web marketing is more than a job. It was a calling. Internet gave me a voice when I was just a shy, introverted kid with nerdy interests.
I’ve met some amazing people on the net and I want to make the web a better place, working to the best of my possibility.
I do my work as a web marketing specialist in the most ethical way possible.


In the past years I’ve had the opportunity to work in different areas and in very different projects: from construction building with Drenatech to the sweetness of Eridania’s brands, from the green energy of Ego.Energy to the Bordighera’s bluest sea with San Marco Beach. I also worked with moving companies and with fireworks (literally).
But most important were my collaborations. I’m a better professional and a better person thanks to my mentors and the people I work with: I keep on learning.

Objectives and recurring phrases

  • First of all we need to make an analysis!
  • I don’t do Web Marketing packages. I just can’t do it. There’s no such thing as a web marketing packages.
  • Guys! Guys! I need you to see this thing I found on the internet!