Lucia Cavaliere

Founder | PM e Art Director

I was born in Genoa on 7 March 1985.

I attended the “Liceo Artistico Paul Klee” High School in Genoa, course of Graphic Design. After the diploma I moved to Milan, where I graduated in Graphics at the European Institute of Design.

I started working in Genoa as an employee of an advertising and web agency, and the following year I opened P.IVA and worked as a freelancer for about 8 years. In 2014 I started collaborating with Raffaello on the Coccodè project, which took shape in the company we opened together in 2017.

I’ve always been very fascinated by visual arts and in particular graphics.

What I like most about my work is seeing an abstract concept become concrete in an image. Being able to empathize with the client and visually realize his idea is the greatest satisfaction for me.


My working experience has been focused mainly in the field of digital graphics and web design, although I strongly love traditional graphics projects and I am passionate about typography and printing techniques.

Objectives and recurring phrases

  • Always search, search anywhere.
  • Don’t postpone what you can do until tomorrow…now.
  • Hey guys in the pool I got an idea!